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No our Race Relief is suitable to use under half tree race exercise saddles and some full tree. If you have a full tree saddle and would like t know if it is suitable please contact us and we will be happy to advise.

The race relief sits between the saddle cloth and the race exercise saddle and the  back of  the pad sits flush with the back of the saddle.

Yes our Race Relief has been designed to make the horses allot more comfortable allowing them to rotate their shoulder blades to full capacity. Is in turn will help with running straighter.

Pro-Motion Equine has designed the 3 in 1 system, our racing saddle cloth holds the race relief securely in place and only requires the need for one saddle cloth and the race pad, speeding up the tacking up process.

Call our team and we will be happy to discuss your concerns and advise.

Having a Race Ortho involves our team coming on site profiling your horses and making a pad depending on the findings. As such we cannot give a costing until we know what is involved. We charge a call out fee which will be quoted on contact pending where in the country you are located. If you require a number of horses to be accessed we will agreed a favourable rate.