Sarah Prosser

"My mother got me into Exmoor ponies before she died and we had a lot of problems fitting saddles due to their shape as a Native. Their weight fluctuates with the seasons which affects the pressure area under the saddle, especially around the withers. Having found Julie Garrett saddlery, she recommended trying a pony size Pro-Motion Equine Firefly....

... This has the effect of lifting the front of the saddle off the withers just enough to keep an even weight distribution. It also helps stop sideways sliding which is a problem in the Native. I am so impressed I have used this product on racing Thoroughbreds in rehabilitation. I would advocate that every yard is likely to have a use for this product at some point for any horse's going through muscular development or weight change. This Firefly is not in replacing a correctly fitting saddle, but allows for fluctuations of weight and muscular development without constant saddle alterations."