Customer Testimonials

"The Pro- motion range of products are in Widespread use amongst people I teach, of all shapes and sizes, with great improvements to horses and riders.Great product, which enabled me to work my horse through a back problem, confident that he had freedom and comfort in his back and shoulders."
Alaina BHSAI

"I love the Pro-motion range, for my clients it has been great to give them the instant change answer to what may have been an issue for a long time, making my job as a therapist so much easier, both easing the horses comfort, and also helping support the rider.

And on a personal level I have 4 horses who I ride in a treeless dressage saddle and treed jumping saddle, 2 of them are 4 years old, and currently going through many growth spurts …. The Firefly has enabled me to ensure that their delicate young bones and muscles are totally comfortable, even when their bottoms have been quite alot higher than their shoulders."
Lotty Merry Equine & Human Bowen and Laser therapist and trainer